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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Inside-out tests help develop How To Die

Hi guys!

We're polishing How To Die to release it in the best shape possible - and that moment is closer than you can expect!
As some of you knows, we've managed to establish close co-operation with As a result, nearly 750 people pre-register for open beta test of How To Die:
Some of them shared their opinions on game with us. Most of the people feel that the game is too hard - but it's targeted at hardcore players indeed! We'd like to deliever something for that group of gamers, which - in our opinon - don't have enough representation on mobile platforms.
But we also would like to present How To Die to as many people as possible, so we've taken this voices into account and introduced some new features to the game. Two most important are:
1) additional instructional videos for the tutorials as the image (movie in this case) is worth more than a thousand words; for ex watch our tutorial on magic boxes:
2) items save/load in manipulation mode, so you don't have to place them over and over again - it really lessen the frustration!
So, it looks like we're adding features that haven't even been planned... But if you want your game to be playable and fun for users, you should always take their opinions seriously. And that's what we do in Blue Djinns Games :)

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