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Blue Djinns Games

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gamers reaction to How To Die's trailer

Hi there! We haven't yet started any serious marketing actions (we will in the not too distant future!); we're preparing materials and so on. But we've decided to share info about our game on some forums with gamers in mind. We're glad to share with you some positive opinions on our product:

I am really impressed by the work that you guys are doing at Blue Djinns! How To Die might come with some simplistic graphics, but the physics and clever gameplay that it comes with is really amazing, to be frank! I will gladly download this game on all my devices to support your guys. All the best! HariK,

I absolutely love what I have seen in the trailer that you posted on your official website! The concept behind How To Die is really original and I am pretty sure that this game has the potential of doing really well out there. Keep working on the marketing and remember to get the trailer out there! All the best. coolgamerdude06,

Thank you guys :) We'll do our best to bring How To Die to as many people as possible! :)

In the meantime, take a look at our trailer one more time:

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